The March Networks recorders are rack mounted units that consist of a docking station and DVR unit. The units can be connected to an Enterprise Service Manager (ESM), which serves to monitor and manage the recorders from a central location. In the event that the recorder needs maintenance or replacement, the unit can be marked as such in the ESM software and technicians can simply swap out the existing unit for a replacement. The new unit automatically downloads the existing configuration and starts recording, resulting in minimum downtime for end users.

The DVR units also feature expansion options, such as adding two-way audio, data ports, alarm inputs, and outputs. With the optional data port cards, the DVR can be connected to point of sale terminals (POS) in order to log the register’s transaction data as well as the video. The units can also be connected to alarm devices such as door contacts or motion sensors, which can trigger alarms or event-based recording.

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