Electronic card access systems provide users with the convenience
of a single card or key fob that can be programmed to operate any number of doors. The card can be programmed to work 24 hours a day, or only during a limited time period (such as during working hours).

Access control readers can be installed throughout the premises, such as on entrance doors, stock rooms, parking garages, and elevators. Access permissions can be configured/partitioned so that employees can only access the areas they need entry to. The system logs all transactions and filtered reports can be generated to show activity through a specific door, or where a single user has read their card.

Additionally, the security department and management know how many cards have been issued at any given time. Users are unable to make copies of keys and pass them among themselves or between departments. When a staff member leaves the organization, their card can be blocked instantly and does not need to be collected in order to ensure the security of the company.

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